Filipino Maid

Filipino Maid


Charges include:

  1. Hire, interview and screen on behalf of employers in Philippines
  2. The basic training course at the Philippines ad hoc Training Centre provides basic housekeeping for employment
  3. A local health check in Philippines * ; A one-way ticket to Hongkong for Philippines
  4. Entry service visa fees for the Immigration Department of Hongkong
  5. Notarization fees for contracts issued by the Consulate General of the Philippines in Hong Kong
  6. For the employer to pick up the maids at the airport, apply for the identity card of Hongkong and report to the consulate after arriving
  7. 12 months warranty period * *
  8. Permanent follow-up service after the helper arrives in Hong Kong; Free translation service for maid files; Free ID card for helper


Required basic documents:

  1. Copy of employer's Hongkong identity card
  2. Address proof (recent water / electricity / gas / fixed line telephone bill)
  3. Proof of income (the most recent salary tax not less than $185000 or three months or more bank deposits record $365000)
  4. Family member information (name / year of birth / Hongkong ID number)


* services include:

1. X-Ray for Chest X
2. HBsAg
3. Anti-HIV (AIDS)
5. Urine Routine
6. Urine for Pregnancy Test
7. Stool Routine