Our Service

Our Service

Assist in finding an employer

We make this website as a platform for employers to search their domestic helpers and domestic helpers to post their profiles to look for their employers.


Different requirements, successful applications

Having been in the recruitment industry for more than a decade, GraceField Employment Service Ltd. is aimed to provide highest standard of service in the Hong Kong employment agencies industry. We spend more effort in matching the families with suitable helpers according to their different requirements. Employers can also easily search their helpers with selecting different skills and backgrounds from this website, and have our assistance in processing their applications. We also have different branch locations in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for employers to visit and to process their applications.


One-stop service in place

We specialize in placing domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. And, we provide one stop service for foreign domestic helper hiring from helper selection to helper report duty. We are working hard to provide good quality and efficient foreign domestic helper employment service.


Service charge includes:

  • Consular fee and document procedure fee
  • Documents, fees and procedure fees of the state government concerned
  • Hongkong entry visa fee
  • Document delivery fee, fax fee
  • Maid's ticket, departure tax and airport tax
  • Airport pickup to the company's transportation charges
  • Home economics training course
  • Indonesian, Thailand, Philippines translation services, and maid counselling
  • On behalf of the maid for the consulate reporting procedures and agents to receive Hongkong identity card
  • The maid arrived in Hongkong, will be sent to Hong Kong registered laboratory tests (including pregnancy, hepatitis, lung, venereal diseases and AIDS test)