Frequently Asked Questions

In the recruitment of foreign domestic helpers, prospective employers should make many preparations, clearly understand the needs of their own family, should also consider other related application details, such as: eligibility, application procedures, all labour related basic knowledge and so on. A professional employment center can definitely make a successful hiring of a desirable helper, even if the problem of employment can be solved immediately.

Understanding the needs of the family

A clear understanding of the needs of the family, who is the maid to take care of the object, different time will have different needs, care for newborn babies for example, a need to have relevant experience of the maid, because of the need of professional nursing and care. If you take care of the children, can choose the younger maid, have enough strength to care and spirit with the children to play. If a child has the opportunity to practice English, he may consider choosing a better English teacher, because some foreign teachers will have higher education and better English skills.


Employer side

It is necessary to consider whether the family has the need to employ a maid, and to obtain the permission of a member of the family to hire a maid. Because there is more than one domestic servant, both in the living and eating habits will change, and these changes are more likely to cause unnecessary friction at home.


Accommodation arrangements
Considering the circumstances in which the family lived at that time, would it be possible to accommodate more than one domestic servant?. In accordance with the provisions of the government of the Hongkong, foreign servants must obtain a fixed bed as a rest, while the maid sleeps in the living room, underground, kitchen, or with the opposite sex adults, are not accepted. Moreover, in the narrow living environment, everyone in the house will lose personal stability, more prone to friction.